What You Should Know About the Botox Procedure

botox procedure

Botox procedure is a cosmetic treatment that helps relax facial lines. A physician can inject Botox in several areas on your face. It is a nonsurgical procedure that is easy to do. In addition, it is safe and is affordable.

Before undergoing the procedure, you will have to schedule an appointment with your physician. He or she will evaluate your current state of health. If you have any chronic illnesses, he or she may require you to provide medical clearance.

The doctor will cleanse the area that will be injected with a nonalcohol cleaner. Depending on your individual needs, he or she may apply a topical anesthetic. After the injection, you will be able to return to your normal activities.

Several hours after your procedure, you should avoid rubbing the treatment area. This can cause the Botox to spread. Your doctor might advise you to take a couple of anti-bruising supplements.

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Normally, the Botox procedure is painless. However, some people do experience minor discomfort. To avoid this, some may ask for topical numbing medication before the injection.

Once the injection is completed, you should avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours. Depending on the amount of Botox you received, your results can last for up to three months.

Botox can help prevent unwanted facial habits such as frowning. When the muscle action slows down, your face will look less tired and more refreshed.

Results will start to become noticeable about three days after your treatment. The effects tend to fade after about a month. You can then continue to get regular injections to maintain the results.

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