What Is a MUGA Pitch?

Muga pitch

A MUGA pitch is a sport arena designed for multi-use games. It is ideal for a range of different sports, from basketball to tennis. They are also a great alternative to natural grass, which can be expensive and often needs constant maintenance. MUGAs are also eco-friendly and friendly to the environment. Learn more

MUGA pitches can be used throughout the year, in all weathers. They are an ideal option for schools and communities on limited budgets.

MUGA surfaces are open-textured porous macadam areas, which are commonly used for court sports such as tennis, cricket, hockey and football. MUGAs are available in various styles and colours.

The standard size of a MUGA court is 38 metres by 18 metres. This is the ideal space for basketball and netball lines. These pitches are free-draining and require little to no maintenance.

Depending on the type of MUGA, they can be constructed from a variety of materials. For example, Type 1 and 2 MUGAs are typically laid out on macadam surface, while Type 3 MUGAs are usually built on a polymeric surface.

MUGA Pitch Turf

All-weather MUGAs were invented in the 1970s. Their popularity has grown due to their multiple uses. Professional sports teams can use them, as well as home teams.

MUGA pitches are also ideal for helping children to develop their cardiovascular fitness. This can help them avoid obesity later in life. In addition, they can practice their fundamental movement skills, which can improve performance.

While installing a MUGA pitch, you’ll want to ensure that the surface meets the guidelines of the sport’s governing body. This is to prevent injuries to players.

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