Used Inogen Batteries For Portable Oxygen Concentrators

used inogen batteries

We offer a variety of used inogen batteries for portable oxygen concentrators. These affordable batteries are designed to provide three to eight hours of battery life and come with a 1-Year warranty.

The Single Battery (Lithium Ion)

This rechargeable battery is compatible with all Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrators and provides up to 4-hours of supplemental oxygen on setting 2. The battery can be charged automatically while in the Inogen One G3 system or by using the External Battery Charger.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Inogen Batteries

A double battery can help extend the duration of your use and reduce the number of charge cycles needed for the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator. The double battery can be charged through an AC power supply, a DC power cord or by using an external battery charger.

The Double Battery is a great option for patients who travel regularly or want the added versatility of a portable unit. It can be charged through a 12V power supply, a DC power cord or an external battery charger and offers over double the battery life of the single battery, while only adding half a pound to the weight of the unit.

With the addition of an extra double battery to your Inogen One G3 you will be able to accomplish your daily errands and enjoy an extended vacation without having to worry about running out of oxygen. As the FAA requires all medical oxygen patients to have 150% of their flight time in battery life, a double battery is the perfect way to ensure you’re never out of luck.

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