The Brow Gel That Won’t Weight Down Fine Hairs

brow gel should be lightweight, not heavy. It should also be formulated with ingredients to nourish the delicate arches (think glycerin, panthenol, and castor oil) instead of just providing a stiff hold. And, of course, the best gels are clean — no parabens or phthalates here!

After testing all of the top-rated brow products in the market, our experts evaluated each formula based on its feel, application, and overall look. The 10 that scored highest appear below.

A great option for people with fine brow hairs, this clear gel has an airy, gel texture that our tester found comfortable on the skin without weighing down her brows. The small applicator makes it easy to maneuver and control, but it did have one drawback: our tester found that she had to constantly re-dip the brush in order to get enough product on it.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Brow Gel

This gel has a slight tint and medium hold, which is ideal for those who want a more defined, feathered brow look. The dual-sided spoolie brush has short and long bristles that make it easy to create a natural, brushed-up finish, as well as a more polished and defined style. This formula is also infused with conditioning botanicals (like ginkgo biloba and keratin) to nourish brows while shaping them.

Perfect for those with super thick brows, this clear gel holds them in place all day with no flaking or residue. The oversized spoolie brushes have both long and short bristles that allow you to shape even the bushiest brows. Plus, it’s infused with conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and glycerin to keep brows soft and supple.

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