Multi-Use Game Area


A multi-use-game-area  or MUGA is usually a steel anti vandal outdoor fenced area with built in goal post units for football, basketball and tennis. The outer fencing acts as a buffer zone to reduce noise levels, whilst still giving the children a sense of freedom to play games together. The MUGA can be open ended, partially closed or fully enclosed and is available in Key area (6m x 7.5m) or Full court (two end combination goal unit). The MUGA can be constructed with a variety of surfaces from natural grass, sports tiles, macadam and polymeric to synthetic turf.

Game On: Creating the Ultimate Recreational Games Area

Surfaces for MUGAs can differ based on the sports intended to be played, as each has its own characteristics with regard to grip, ball rebound and level of shock absorption. A sand dressed or sand filled MUGA is generally chosen when ‘pitch’ style sports will be predominantly played such as football and hockey – though these types of surfaces can also support netball and recreational tennis training. Polymeric surfacing is more suited to ‘court’ based sports like basketball and tennis, with a degree of inherent shock absorption, as well as being a good choice for hockey and netball.

Maintenance of any MUGA is vital in order to maintain optimum surface performance, ensure player safety and maximise the lifespan of the playing surface. This will include regular brushing, decompaction and infill management as well as chemical treatment to prevent the build up of moss or algae.

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