Is Online News Different From Traditional Media?


online news

In a 1999 survey, Dutch online journalists responded positively. More than six in ten agreed that a news site must have a strong interactive relationship with its audience. The results suggest that mainstream news outlets may be failing to meet the demands of their constituency for relevant, concise information. In this context, online news is an important public service.

How important is a online news? 

A variety of accessibility points, including mobile phones and tablets, have made online newspapers successful. While most print papers don’t make it online, some special publications do. Online editions often leave out smaller news stories. In addition, busy the island now  days can result in some news items not making the cut. Despite these challenges, online newspapers are a significant part of society.

But what makes online news different from traditional print media? Its added value depends on its hypertextuality, multimediality, and interactivity. Some examples of this type of journalism include hyperadaptive news sites and annotative reporting. These innovations are still at their infancy in many countries. In the meantime, many journalists continue to provide traditional print publications with news.

Digital display advertising, once the cornerstone of newspaper revenue, continues to produce disappointing returns for publishers. To compensate, more newspapers and online publishers are trying to increase their online revenues through digital subscriptions and membership schemes. In addition, some research suggests that consumers may be more inclined to pay for experiences that aggregate multiple news brands. However, news organisations must continue to improve the quality of content, brand benefits, and convenience of their online news experiences before they can justify charging their readers.

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