How to Use IPQualityScore to Identify the Carrier of Record for Phone Numbers

Identify the Carrier of Record for Phone Numbers pings directly to telecom backbones from major phone carriers across the world, and provides free cell phone carrier lookups with support in over 150 countries. This enables easy detection of the latest carrier of record associated with any phone number, an important piece of information for risk scoring and fraud prevention. Go here IP reputation

Verify International Phones to Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Experience (USA)

Incorrect or out-of-service phone numbers can negatively impact your business by preventing your marketing messages from being delivered. Messente’s carrier lookup service ensures that you can send business SMS to valid phone numbers, saving your company time and money in the long run.

Why is a Trusted Name in IP Reputation Scoring

IPQS provides premium phone validation and email reputation scoring to completely protect your business from ATO, chargebacks, bots, fake accounts, spam, scraping, phishing, and much more with real-time on-demand lookups via API. Our global coverage ensures accurate detection rates for abuse in any region or industry, ensuring your business can continue to operate with peace of mind and maximize return on investment.

Verify International Phones to Ensure User Accuracy

A free phone carrier lookup is an easy way to determine which country and service provider a phone number is allocated to, as well as the type of phone line it is connected to. This includes landline, cellular, VOIP (virtual number), and pager services.

In addition, the lookup can verify if a number is active or not in service. This is important for reducing your messaging costs and keeping your company compliant with auto-dialing laws.

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