Hotstar Premium Mod Apk Vs Hotstar Free Apk

Hotstar Premium Apk has been one of the most sought after and used Apks by many users online. It has a lot of features and also comes free with your Hotstar plan. This Apk has been equipped with many features that you will find very useful in your day-to-day use. However, there are certain minor limitations with this Apk and thus it’s recommended to download it only if you need the features it offers.

Hotstar Premium Mod Apk – Download Hotstar Freely!

Hotstar Premium Apk has a lot of soothing features like Speed dialing, Folders, Chats, MMS and much more. Apart from these, Hotstar Premium Apk has a free disney version as well which can be used if you are a subscriber of disney internet broadband plan. The Hotstar mod apk can be downloaded from the link provided in the program’s page. You can view multiple IPL live streams and lots of other premium videos while using this mod apk. Hotstar premium membership is available with a one time payment of $19. There is a free trial period of 60 days which is offered if you join at the right time.

After downloading the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk, you may either use it or delete it as per your requirements. The standard application of this program allows the user to browse through the profiles of players in any sport in the world. You can search for a player by entering his name in the search box present on the home page of the Hotstar site. The list of players with their names will be displayed on the left of the screen. The hotstar premium version comes with a database of almost 400 games including cricket, football, rugby, hockey, basketball, golf and motocross.

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