Heavy Duty Swivel Caster

A heavy duty swivel caster is a durable caster for semi-smooth surfaces. These castors are ideal for many different types of projects. Their high-quality design will ensure safe transport of your goods, regardless of the environment. You can find a variety of different casters online, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

How do I know what size casters I need?

This type of caster is made of durable materials, which makes them suitable for general utility trucks, platform trucks, dollies, and even movable kitchen islands. They come with hardened double ball races, a king bolt that is heat treated, and cage type hardened and ground roller bearings. The heavy duty design makes them ideal for moving furniture and other objects, and they come with threaded inserts for easy installation. These casters are available in three and four-inch sizes, and they are ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Maxi-Duty heavy duty swivel casters from Hamilton Caster are engineered to support up to 10 tons of weight. Their forged steel construction enhances rollability and swiveling. The legs of these heavy duty swivel casters are reinforced 3/8-inch steel plate, and the mounting plates are 1/2″ thick. You can be confident that these casters will last for years to come, and they will keep your equipment in great condition for years to come.

Heavy duty swivel castors are available in various versions with wheel diameters of up to 500mm. You can even get custom-fit heavy duty swivel casters that are designed for your specific needs.

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