Harbourfront Wealth Management Interview – CEO Danny Popescu

Founded in 2013, harbourfront wealth management is an independent advisory firm servicing growth-oriented advisors and high-net-worth clients. Located in Vancouver, BC, the company offers a comprehensive suite of wealth planning solutions including taxation consulting, estate and trust services, income projections, pension-style asset management and risk management. It also operates a sub-advised Canadian Asset Management firm that manages alternative investments and a US registered investment advisor.

Unlike most dealer-owned Danny Popescu firms, the Harbourfront Group is employee-owned, providing advisors with a direct stake in their business and helping them feel like they own two businesses – their practice and the firm. This culture of continuous alignment fosters loyalty and helps maintain real value, which is key to delivering client-first service.

Investing with Confidence: A Look into the Strategies of Harbourfront Wealth Management

The firm is currently in the process of expanding its national footprint by pursuing strategic acquisitions, and boasts more than 270 employees across 28 locations. It recently received a nine-figure investment from Audax Private Equity, which valued the firm at $425 million.

Harbourfront claims to be a leader in retail friendly private securities, which can be offered to investors regardless of whether they are accredited or not. They claim to be the first Canadian dealer to offer this and circumvent dealer imposed limits on portfolio weighting.

In this interview, CEO Danny Popescu explains why the firm is disrupting the industry with one of the best client offerings and the ability for advisors to be partners at the firm that quickly creates value. He also talks about the company’s recent expansion and why it is targeting philosophically aligned dealerships and entrepreneurial advisors that are committed to true fiduciary practices.

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