Cool Down With a Cooling Vest

cooling vest

If you’re looking to cool down quickly, a Kühlweste can be a great option. These vests can be soaked in water to activate the cooling properties. The vest’s ability to cool you down is further enhanced by putting it in the refrigerator or freezer to keep it cooler. You can find cooling vests for different needs, depending on your preferences and your specific temperature requirements. Below, we’ve listed a few features that make these vests so popular.

Cooling Vest Can Be A Great Option

Hydrogel: Hydrogel vests are made of crystals that activate when water is applied. They are then towel-dried and placed into a plastic bag. After cooling, the vest is reactivated in about ten to twenty minutes. These vests are among the lightest cooling vests, but their lack of endurance can limit their usage. In optimum conditions, they typically last 30 minutes to two hours. But they don’t stay cool as long as ice or phase-change cooling vests.

Cooling vests work by circulating cool water throughout your body. Water in a cooling vest circulates through tubes that are connected to a reservoir of ice water. This ice water removes body heat and flows back to an ice-cold reserve. The ice water is automatically cooled before it recirculates. The Polar Cool Flow vest features 50 feet of high-flow cooling water lines and weighs 16 ounces. They can be battery-powered or have a rechargeable ice-water reservoir.

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