Child Passenger Safety Tips

child car safety

The leading cause of death for children is motor vehicle crashes, and properly buckling kids in age- and size-appropriate child safety seats and boosters reduces their risk of serious injury or death by up to 80%. The NSC is dedicated to helping families make sure their children are protected from the dangers of car accidents and other vehicular incidents by providing tips on child passenger safety.

Never leave a curatare scaun auto copii unattended in a vehicle, even for a few minutes. Unattended kids can become trapped in the seat belt or harness, hit controls that cause the vehicle to move, or get into other dangerous situations that could lead to a fire, carjacking, kidnapping, or another type of accident.

Understanding LATCH Systems: How to Properly Secure Car Seats

It is best for all kids under 13 to ride in the back seat of a vehicle, using a child safety seat or booster when necessary. Kids in the front seat should only be used if the vehicle has a rear airbag that can be switched OFF and the car safety seat or booster is moved far enough back so it won’t be impacted by the airbag when it deploys.

Likewise, kids should not play around or under parked cars. They may think it’s safe because the parking brake is engaged, but this creates a false sense of security and can put them in harm’s way should the brake ever malfunction or the vehicle back up into them. Teach your kids what a parked car and one that is about to back up look like, so they will understand this simple safety precaution.

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