Bust Down Rolex Watch

A bust down rolex watch is a watch that has been broken apart (busted down) and then crusted with diamonds. It is an extremely rare watch that takes tremendous artistry to accomplish.

What is a bustdown AP?

To create a bust down ap watch, a master diamond setter will carefully disassemble the case, armlet, and bezel of the watch. Then, using a specialized metal excavating tool, the pieces will be drilled to allow for the placement of diamonds.

Then, the settings will be made to accommodate the size and shape of the diamonds. Once all of the settings are done, the diamonds will be set into place.

How are they worth?

A bust down watch is a great investment for someone who is looking to buy something with value, but not really think about it as a “value investment”. These watches are often purchased by people with money that they are not trying to save or spend.

They are a lot more expensive than factory set diamond watches, so they can be quite a bit more difficult to find. However, if you do have the means to get one, it is likely that the resale value will be far more than the initial cost of customization.

Plain Jane Watches

A Plain Jane Watch is a Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet watch that has not been altered with aftermarket customizations. These watches don’t have a cynical undertone that many other diamond encrusted watches do, which is why they are such popular these days in the game of rap.

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