Ashpalt & Shingles – Quality Roofing!

An attic insulation system uses a roof coating of polyurethane foam or microphone. This membrane is then fitted over an existing roof. There are several benefits to installing this type of roof coating. If properly installed, it will reduce the energy loss through the attic insulation Charlotte NC experts by as much as 40%! By protecting against heat loss and humidity, the home owner will pay a lot less in heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Ashpalt & Shingles – Why It Is Important?

Roofs are the most overlooked part of any building but should be given the attention they deserve. After all, the roof protects the building and the lives inside from the elements. This is why it is important to have a strong, protective roof that protects the people and property inside from the weather. Most people do not realize the importance of their roof until it is too late. With Ashpalt & Shingles, you can be sure your roof will last for many years to come and will give the protection you need.

Ashpalt & Shingles, also known as Advanced Acoustic Insulation, has been providing high quality attic insulation and vapor barrier construction materials since 1980. The company offers a full service to meet the installation needs of your home or business, and they have over 100 years of experience doing so. In fact, the company is so reliable that it is the largest U.S. manufacturer of fiberglass-cement attic insulation products.

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