Airport Taxis – How to Get From JFK to Your Hotel

Airport taxis

Airport taxis are one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to get from JFK to your hotel. They offer door-to-door service and allow you to keep your luggage with you throughout the ride.

You can find taxi stands outside every terminal in JFK. You can also easily spot them by their yellow color, taxi “T” markings, and medallion license numbers. You can either tip the driver or use the credit card machine to pay.

A good tip is 15% of the total cost of your trip. You should ask the driver for a receipt at the end of your trip. It will have the medallion number listed and will make it easier to file a complaint if you leave personal items inside of a taxi or need to report a driver.

Airport Taxis: Your Ultimate Guide to Seamless Transportation

In the United States, the fare is based on distance traveled and time of day. It is recommended that you negotiate the price with the driver before entering the taxi.

Always check the meter when you are first picked up at the airport to see that it starts at zero and has not spiked significantly during the trip. Some taxi drivers may try to trick passengers by claiming that their meter is broken and offering hefty prices to suit their needs.

In NYC, there is a maximum capacity of four passengers in a taxi and five in a mini van. If you have more than four people in your party, you should call ahead to the taxi dispatcher and let them know that you need a larger vehicle.

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